Business Unit Biomass

Service Portfolio

Provision of bioenergy and biogas, utilization of residues, nutrient management and recovery as well as decentralized production and marketing of bio-based conversion products (biochar, synthesis gas, and pyrolysis condensate) are among our focal points. We develop and optimize thermochemical and biological conversion and distribution processes and the corresponding plant technology. With the objective to recover nutrients from municipal and industrial process chains and the conversion processes, we develop concepts and methods for nutrient management in biomass management. In this, we take into consideration raw materials potentials as well as logistic issues and integrate the technologies developed into established or novel value added chains.

Research and Development Services

  • Concept and system development for the provision of raw materials and energy from biogenic raw materials and residues, including process development, component development, and plant development – even by means of storable, carbon-rich intermediate products
  • Concepts, construction, operation, and optimization of laboratory systems, technical shop systems and demonstration plants, incl. trace gas analytics
  • Development of methods for reduction of emissions, flue gas purification
  • Catalyst and bioprocess development
  • Development of concepts and technical system for nutrient management and for nutrient recovery (e. g. nitrate, phosphate) including (sustainability) assessments; treatment of fermentation residues
  • Strategy development and techno consulting

Markets and Industries

  • Agriculture
  • Energy supply (focus: bioenergy)
  • Water supply
  • Treatment / elimination of non-hazardous waste (focus: bioenergy)
  • Agricultural engineering/agricultural machine construction