Business Unit Energy

Service Portfolio

The growth of renewable, decentralized and distributed energies in the supply mix as well as the increased use of energy storage, smart technologies and services are characteristic of new energy systems. We research efficient solutions for the energy supply and distribution of the future. In this, our primary approach is at the decentralized combined generation. We support companies of the industry in the handling of technical and system analysis issues in urban and regional energy supply structures as well as in the industrial environment (e. g. decentralized power generation, cross-energy technologies, application of energy storage systems). We are specialized in the technical development and utilization of innovative technologies as well as in decentralized power generation and energy storage.

Research and Development Services

  • Energy system analysis (urban and regional structures): technical/economic optimization, demand analysis of electric energy storage systems, raw material demand for the shift in energy, review of energy supply networks, utilization of cross-energy technologies
  • Development of thermal, electrical and chemical energy storage technologies: phase change materials (PCM, PCS), thermochemical storage, redox flow batteries, compressed air energy storage
  • Storage sizing and dispatch optimization
  • Development of cross-energy technologies: power-to-gas, power-to-products, power-to-heat
  • Development, construction, operation and monitoring of automated testing and demonstration plants
  • Decentralized power generation: bioenergy plants, waste heat recovery and waste heat to power conversion, trigeneration power-heat-cold, ORC, steam power plants, steam-jet ejector chillers
  • Studies and consultation: decentralized bioenergy (conversion) processes, strategy and scenario development, technical and economic feasibility studies; concept design, customer-specific calculation, layout, detail design and integration of energy systems and/or development and assessment of technical concepts

Markets and Industries

  • Energy supply with
    • Electricity
    • Gas
    • ­Heat and chilling
    • Compressed air
  • Communal or regional bodies
  • Operators of decentralized systems
  • Industrial customers with larger energy demand / energy balancing demand
  • Plant engineering and construction for energy systems
  • Combined generation systems
  • Energy storage systems