Business Unit Energy

Service Portfolio

The new energy system is formed by the increased use of renewable and decentralized sources of energy in the energy supply networks as well as increased use of storage systems, smart technologies and services. We are researching efficient solutions for the energy supply of the future. We specialize in applied research, application-oriented technical ­development and pilot projects using innovative energy technologies. We support companies on technical and systems analysis matters in municipal, regional, and industrial supply systems (e. g. combined energy generation, cross energy technologies, operation of energy storage systems). With a pragmatic view of what is technically, economically, and ­organizationally feasible, we take an active role in shaping the necessary changes in the energy sector.

Research and Development

Energy system analysis and design

  • In municipal, regional, and industrial structures: energy concepts, optimization, implementation of energy storage systems, implementation of cross energy technologies, modelling of energy load balancing technologies
  • Optimized sizing and mode of operation of energy generation and storage systems in future electricity markets
  • Municipal storage systems, energy-efficient municipal buildings, energy load balancing requirements, residual loads (analysis and optimization) in complex energy supply systems (e. g. hospitals)

Technical development

  • Thermal, electrical, and chemical energy storage technologies: redox flow-batteries, compressed air energy storage systems, phase change materials and slurries
  • Cross-energy technologies: power-to-gas, power-to-chemicals
  • Catalytic-processes, low temperature plasma process
  • Customer-specific, innovative, large-scale, flexible,
    weldable bipolar plates
  • Pilot plant construction, electricity generation from waste heat, combined energy generation, innovative chillers, use of geothermal energy
  • New turbomachinery, small steam turbines, turbomachinery test bench

Studies, consulting

  • Strategy and scenario development, meta studies
  • Conception, customer-specific calculation, economic feasibility studies, design, planning and integration of energy systems and/or preparation and assessment of technical concepts
  • Energy storage systems, use of storage systems, electricity from waste heat, power-to-X, decentralized bio energy (conversion) processes
  • Improving the flexibility of CHP systems, heat demand forecasts
  • Management of decentralized energy systems within the network
  • New resources in steam and compressed air networks

Markets and Industries

  • Energy services providers for electricity, gas, heating and cooling, compressed air
  • Municipal or regional corporations
  • Operators of decentralized energy systems, coupled energy production plants, and energy storage systems
  • Industrial customers with high energy demands/energy balancing demands
  • Raw materials industry and processing industry (e. g. chemicals, steel, cement, paper, food)
  • Developers, plant construction, project developers, and suppliers of innovative energy technology
  • Users of new analysis and planning tools