Business Developer


As a chemical engineer, Wilhelm Althaus has for almost 25 years been working in leadership functions in energy technology within applied research and development projects. He is technically positioned broadly, communicative, well networked, and has already successfully developed innovative technologies and products for the most diverse of customers.

This is what is moving markets and industries

The shift in energy represents an enormous change. Driven by the threat of scarcity of resources, climate change and the exit from nuclear power as well as politically enforced, the share of primary energy sources is changing drastically and with increasing speed. The integration of fluctuating renewable energies requires a retrofit of infrastructures and business models, too. Storage systems as fundamental system elements gain in importance. New technologies and organizational forms are an absolute necessity in order to prevail as a company in the changed energy market.

Trends and our responses to them

Whereas in the past load coverage through fossil power plants was pursued, now the control of regional loads and the satisfying of remaining residual loads are being strived for. For this, we develop decentralized combined power generation plants, thermal and electrical energy storage as well as cross-energy technologies. Intelligent systems analyses, optimized design and optimized dispatch, combined with intelligent information and communication technology allows for the efficient operation of the supply and demand pools of many market actors.

A look ahead

Prognoses of the future show that in parts of Europe (e. g. Germany) the excess energy will be up to 25 times as high as the deficit in energy in times with little wind or a clouded sky. This makes Germany a net exporter of energy. In the future, the "energy refinement", the conversion of excess electricity into higher value products such as fuels or intermediate products for the chemical industry will be of increasing economic interest. We develop the solutions.

Further Information

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