Business Unit Environment

Service Portfolio

Our service portfolio includes consulting, applied studies, innovative technology development up to pilot plant scale as well as support of the technical implementation at industrial scale. We provide clear communication paths with a central contact person who looks across our business units for the ideal solution for the customers' demands and who supports the joint realization. We deliver basics for strategic decisions; we improve competitiveness through optimization of energy flows, raw material flows and waste streams through sustainability assessments and through optimization of processes and plants. We as a reliable and strong partner for our customers aim at establishing long-term business partnerships.

Research and Development Services

  • Preparation of eco-assessments and sustainability assessments in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14040/14044 for products, processes and services
  • Analysis of complex energy and raw materials supply systems (systems analysis) in order to support business policy/political decisions
  • State-specific, industry-specific and company-specific strategies and concepts for the supply of primary and secondary raw materia
  • Technological consulting regarding strategic company decisions
  • Concepts, processes, and products for

- Recycling, utilization of residues
- Recovery and generation of reusable materials and
  critical raw materials
- Removal of pollutants and recovery of reusable
  materials from (waste) water
- Removal of pollutants from waste gases

  • Development, engineering, erection and operation of plants and technologies for recycling, (waste) water treatment and reduction of emissions at various orders of scale (testing plants, demonstration plants, industrial scale implementation)
  • Scientific-technical support in the implementation of new technologies in practice
  • Customer-tailored safety and hazardous material management software
  • Analytics services with problem-oriented assessment and action recommendations
  • Economic feasibility studies for processes, methods and products

Markets and Industries

  • Waste disposal, circular economy, and recycling
  • Raw materials industry
  • Energy supply (incl. the supply of heat and cold)
  • Water supply and wastewater disposal
  • Manufacturing industry and plant construction
  • Industrial facility management
  • Engineering and planning offices
  • The public sector