Business Developer


Manfred Renner has a fresh view of his topic. The process engineer‘s pronounced tendency to lend a hand himself in the technical shops is exceeded only by his enthusiasm in the development of ideas with and for his customers.

This is what is moving markets and industries

The polymer materials industry is split into the production of mass-market consumer goods at costs that are as favorable as possible and of consumer goods that are characterized by their functionality (e. g. anti-bacterial features) or their specific material (e. g. bio-based). The demands posed to both segments are increasing both from a domestic as well as an international perspective.

Trends and our responses to them

On the globalized world market, the positive differentiation from competitors is of essential importance both to SMEs as well as major enterprises. As both development partner and bearer of know-how specific to the discipline and of the corresponding intellectual property (IP), we implement company-specific and requirements-specific solutions in our target markets and industries. This applies to both innovative as well as completely novel developments of processes and materials.

A look ahead

The future of polymer materials is multi-faceted. What is certain is that these materials are and will remain essential building blocks of our civilization. Bio-based and functionalized polymers as well as their combination with conventional plastics in the form of sandwich or multi-component systems supplement the portfolio of materials. In the future, they will be dominating the research market.

Further Information

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