Strategic Projects

A department in the field of processes

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We bundle strategic projects of the field of processes and are the contact for cross-departmental initiatives of the energy and raw materials turnaround. In the Processes think tank, we take up new technological approaches, evaluate them and develop them further in an application-oriented manner.

Strategic Projects

The department "Strategic Projects" bundles strategic (major) projects of the field of processes with an interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists and develops them further. One example is the Performance Center DYNAFLEX®, which is anchored in the department. We have expertise and methods in the fields of process and environmental engineering, chemistry, bioenergy and bioeconomy, which we use primarily for project development, project management and scientific moderation, but also for identifying and developing new scientific topics.

Think Tank

In the Think Tank Processes, new technology approaches or applications of existing technologies are identified, evaluated and transferred into new applications in the context of the energy and raw material turnaround. To this end, we use various scouting and evaluation methods to identify both short-term and longer-term developments. In addition, new impulses from strategic initiatives are taken up and consolidated.

Information material of the department Strategic Projects



Planning production systems

In the future, manufacturing companies and energy operators will increasingly use low-carbon and renewable electricity. The aim of the Performance Center DYNAFLEX®  is to be able to plan production systems that are fit for the future.



Research for a climate-neutral

SCI4climate.NRW is the scientific part of the IN4climate.NRW initiative and shows ways towards a climate-neutral and sustainable industry in 2050. Cross-industrial solutions create synergies between different sectors.