Four questions to ...

... Luis Piedra-Garza, head of the "L-0 System Integration" subproject.

Interview of 10.3.2021

Head of the "L-0 System Integration" subproject
Luis Piedra-Garza – Head of the "L-0 System Integration" subproject.

As head of the "L-0 System Integration" subproject, what has been achieved so far in the Carbon2Chem® joint project from this perspective?

Luis Piedra-Garza: By recycling metallurgical gases from steel production and in particular by using the CO2 contained in the metallurgical gases as synthesis gas for the production of basic chemicals such as ammonia or methanol, emissions in steel production can be significantly reduced. The use of these substances in the chemical industry also significantly reduces the need for fossil raw materials such as natural gas and naphtha, thus cutting CO2 emissions. The core of the subproject lies in system integration and holistic analysis, as looking at individual sector-specific measures is not conducive to achieving the climate targets. In subproject L-0, the cross-industrial network of Carbon2Chem® was mapped via simulations and implemented on a pilot scale via the technical center in Duisburg. The resulting network concepts were analyzed and evaluated technically, economically and ecologically.

What were the highlights?

Luis Piedra-Garza: Methanol and ammonia could be produced well ahead of the intended deadline. Furthermore, extensive simulation and modeling was set up.

What were the biggest challenges?

Luis Piedra-Garza: To complete and commission the technical facilities within the planned time frame.

What are the next steps planned?

Luis Piedra-Garza: The continuation of existing activities, the involvement of new partners and potential customers, the continued operation of the electrolyzer as a demonstrator and hydrogen source, the proof of the robustness of the technology through long-term tests in the pilot plant and the demonstration of scalability.