Carbon dioxide as a process medium

Compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) is a sustainable alternative to conventional solvents. We use carbon dioxide as a process medium and functionalize components made from plastic or tanned leather in an environmentally friendly way. We also develop processes in which carbon dioxide is converted into valuable materials such as chemicals.

Solutions and services of Fraunhofer UMSICHT

We offer a process for adding carbon dioxide to polymers. It can be used to antimicrobially treat or dye plastics. We develop further applications at the request of our customers in the consumer sector. We have developed a completely new process for environmentally friendly leather tanning (Cleantan®) up to a pre-industrial level, for which we have received several awards – most recently the Innovation Award from the European Association for Research and Technology Organisations EARTO in 2017. Take advantage of our expertise: We will be happy to advise you on scaling up processes.

Unique selling points

The technical equipment we offer in the field of carbon dioxide as a process medium is unique. It ranges from small plants to PLC-controlled plants on a technical scale. Scaling-up the developed processes up to the technical scale is part of our range of services and is possible on site.

How you can work with us

Cooperation in the scientific field is based on publicly funded research projects. In the field of industrial research, direct commissioning by the respective customer is an option. The contact persons are Anna Oelbermann and Nils Mölders.


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Reference projects



Environmentally friendly tanning

Environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost-effective: New plant and process technology reduces leather tanning costs and completely eliminates the production of chromium-contaminated wastewater.



CO2 technology against microorganisms

Innovative CO2 technology to kill pathogenic microorganisms in foods with low water activity.



Prosthetic replacement for arthrosis patients

A natural prosthetic replacement for osteoarthritis patients is being developed. The elastic femoral head cover is intended to preserve the joints of the affected person and ensure natural mobility into old age.