Division Energy

The conversion of the energy industry to renewable energy sources from solar, wind and biomass requires permanent solutions for society, industry and the citizenry to coordinate the supply and demand of energy with one another. It will require effective and efficient energy processes, new storage technologies and intelligent system solutions.

We develop and optimize energy systems, work out solutions for the storage of electricity or heat, and optimize energy and energy supply systems. Our expertise lies in the development of new technologies and their implementation in pilot and demonstration plants, as well as system analytical studies.

Departments on the Division Energy



Energy Systems Engineering

We develop energy converters and work on new applications and their simulation, pilot testing, optimization and improvement of efficiency. As a service, we are offering concept design, customer-specific calculation, interpretation, planning and integration of such energy systems or the creation and assessment of technical concepts.



Energy Systems

Efficient energy systems are the goal of our work. In the interaction of energy supply, energy distribution, energy storage and use of energy, we develop and optimize energy-efficient and economical energy systems. One focus there is the integration of renewable energies into existing structures.



Chemical Energy Storage

Endothermal chemical reactions require energy to build chemical bonds in a high-energy product while exothermal reactions release energy, forming a lower-energy product. In this way, we can develop energy storage systems that store electricity and heat to use them for a future energy supply or to provide basic chemicals for the chemical industry.



Thermal Storage and Systems

Electrical and thermal energy storage is a significant component in the energy system of the future. It makes it possible to store energy and thus create the temporal balancing between demand and production. Furthermore, in combination with heat pumps, chillers, CHPs etc. they contribute to load balancing. This makes it the key technology for the integration of renewable energies.