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Energy Systems Engineering

We develop energy converters and work on new applications and their simulation, pilot testing, optimization and improvement of efficiency. As a service, we are offering concept design, customer-specific calculation, interpretation, planning and integration of such energy systems or the creation and assessment of technical concepts.

Waste Heat to Power

We are working on the implementation of new applications and systems for converting waste heat to power on the basis of the conventional and the ORC steam power process. In the focus are the application of small high-temperature ORC CHP processes with heat supplied from organic solid fuel furnaces, as well as the development of smaller low-temperature ORC processes for industrial waste heat and geothermal heat.

Compressed Air Energy Storage

We deal mainly with the development of innovative compressed air energy storage for storing electricity. The focus is on adiabatic low-temperature compressed air storage as well as innovative systems for storing heat and compressed air. Within the scope of system concept design and system optimization, we perform CFD calculations of expansion and compression machines.