Division Processes

Modern and efficient production processes require technical processes, in which products are manufactured from raw materials through the use of chemical, physical or biological effects. Our goal are economic, sustainable, resource-efficient, therefore energy-efficient processes.

By adjusting and optimizing as well as developing new individual components, we are expanding the range of potential conversion processes. Optimized overall processes are more than the linking of optimized sub-steps. Therefore, we consider complex production processes of process and environmental technology holistically. To do this, we offer to analyze and develop technical processes, from the laboratory experiment to demonstration plants and production scale-up on the basis of models and experiments.

Departments on the Division Processes




We develop, integrate and optimize production methods of biofuels and bio-based chemicals of the second generation, which do not compete with food. We are pointing out strategies for the future to sustainably and competitively produce fuels and chemicals, and are striving for an efficient integrating of biotechnology and chemistry.



Photonics and Environment

We want to sustainably secure safe access to the resources light, water, air, energy or nutrients for production sites. Thus, we develop process and production systems, which are efficiently and flexibly adaptable and increase the efficiency and functionality of materials and components.



Information Technology

The knowledge available worldwide doubles every five years. Intelligent, target-group-specific information management aids in promptly separating valuable from unnecessary information and occupies a central role in today's production value adding chains.



Process Engineering

To use renewable raw materials, open up alternative energy sources, produce chemical products, foodstuffs, fuels and other energy materials in an efficient, clean and environmentally friendly manner – these are tasks for the process technology of the future that we are working on. We are developing "green" ways of manufacturing and are helping to establish them on the market. In this, we are relying on renewable resources and biogenous residues that are not in competition with food.



Think Tank

New technological approaches or applications of existing technologies are identified, assessed and fundamentally developed with view toward application orientation. To achieve this, we employ opportunity management and technology screening. The current technical focal points are in the field of the utilization of gas hydrates and new process-engineering processes.