Division Products

Nowadays, innovations in materials and products have to meet the goal of sustainable development. For us, this includes a drastic increase in resource efficiency, the redesign of the interaction between humans and technology, and a culture of innovation that is based on openness, participation, and interdisciplinarity.

We develop materials that are based on renewable and recyclable raw materials. We use supercritical fluids, biomimetic approaches and techniques of individualized and additive manufacturing as optimized processing techniques. In product development, we follow the principle of co-design and incorporate the users as users as innovators and stakeholders for the environment.

Departments on the Division Products



Bio-based Plastics

We develop application-oriented bio-based plastics. Our compounds and composites offer a specific, often even novel set of characteristics matching fossil-based plastics or even surpassing them. We cover the entire development chain: from polymerization to plastics processing in industrial scale including comprehensive material characterization. Our strengths are a dedicated focus on the processibility of our bio-based plastics on conventional plastics conversion equipment, cost-consciousness coupled with a close view on market opportunities and availability of raw materials, as well as many years of expertise.



Material Systems and High Pressure Technology

The core of our department is the development, modification and functionalization of material systems. Plastics and natural materials like for example leather, woods and stones lie in the focus of our work. Our portfolio comprises coatings and particle technology as well as compounding, comminution and additive manufacturing of various materials.



Sustainability and Resources Management

To ensure that planetary needs of today are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own; we have to reassess our way of life, our current production systems and our resource consumption. Our aim is to enable our customers to contribute to sustainable development through their actions and decisions.