Carbon2Chem® subproject L-V

Work in phase 1

In the first phase of subproject L5 "Carbon2Polymers", the possibilities of using CO and CO2 from by-product gases from steel production to manufacture polymers were investigated. In addition to the technical development, a further component in the first project period was the performance of an economic and sustainability analysis of the developed manufacturing processes.

Aims in phase 2

Within the second project term of L-V "Carbon2Polymers" new (partial) processes for the production of polycarbonates shall be researched and developed. As demand for these materials is expected to continue to grow significantly in the future, there is great potential for long-term synergy between CO2-intensive industries such as steelworks and the plastics industry. The material use of the cogeneration gases gives the chemical plastics industry access to an alternative raw material base and thus leads to a reduction in the use of fossil raw materials such as crude oil.

Information material Carbon2Chem® subproject "Carbon2Polymers"

Project structure

Carbon2Chem® brings together basic research, applied research and industries. A look at the structure of this collaboration.

Project contents

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