Carbon2Chem® subproject L-0

Work in phase 1

In subproject L0 "System-Integration" Fraunhofer UMSICHT has contributed to the consolidation of the results of the individual subprojects into a complete system in the first four years of Carbon2Chem®. Within this framework, proof of technical feasibility as well as economic efficiency and sustainability was provided. A further central element of the subproject was the view of the planned cross-industry network. For this purpose, a simulation platform for the overall system was set up in the first project phase, which allows processes to be viewed at different levels of detail. The platform allows the coupling of process models from different simulation systems. These simulations provided the other subprojects with important aspects for the design of product selection, process logistics and process control. In terms of organization and content, Fraunhofer UMSICHT supported the subproject spanning cooperation with topic-related communities.

Aims for phase 2

In the second project period, the main focus will continue to be on combining the activities from the other subprojects. For this purpose, the communities of the first project phase will be supplemented and continued on various topics in order to promote the exchange of information across the subprojects. Among other things, the joint work will serve to detail the process engineering concepts and thus to develop the basis for implementing the plant network on an industrial scale. Together with subproject L-I, the balance area will be expanded with regard to the CO2 sources used and the associated infrastructure. Based on the results of the first phase as well as the experimental data from the laboratory and technical shop, the existing process concepts will be elaborated and optimized according to process engineering, energetic and sustainable aspects from the point of view of the overall system. Based on the comparative system evaluation, different basic concepts for the application in various branches of industry will be developed.

Information material Carbon2Chem® subproject "System-Integration"

Subproject L-0


Project structure

Carbon2Chem® brings together basic research, applied research and industries. A look at the structure of this collaboration.

Project contents

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