Friends and Patrons Group and Science Award

UMSICHT Friends and Patrons Group

The UMSICHT Friends and Patrons Group (»UMSICHT-Förderverein«) has set itself the task of cultivating applied research in the field of environmental, safety and energy technology.

The goal of the sponsoring association is to initiate innovative research and development projects at a very early stage, both ideally and materially, and to open up access to future-oriented and sustainable technological developments for North Rhine-Westphalia – and in particular for the Ruhr area. The focus is on project ideas in the fields of environmental, process and energy technology.

In addition to technical-oriented preliminary work (e. g. proof of principle), the members invest in forecast studies on current topics, shape public opinion by sponsoring events and support young researchers. Furthermore, outstanding master's and bachelor's theses are awarded and the UMSICHT Science Award is conferred.

UMSICHT Science Award

UMSICHT Science Award
UMSICHT Science Award

The UMSICHT Science Award is supported by the UMSICHT Friends and Patrons Group. It is given to people who make scientific results from environmental, process or energy technology accessible to society in an outstanding way. The prize is awarded in the categories "Science" and "Journalism" and is endowed with a total of 10,000 euros.

UMSICHT Science Award (german site)