Fraunhofer UMSICHT plays an important role when it comes to research and the development of technological solutions for a sustainable energy sector and raw materials industry. Our expertise has proven itself in a wide range of projects. Our creativity, quality, and efficiency in brainstorming, consulting, and putting new knowledge into practice reflect the passion with which we advance projects. This makes Fraunhofer UMSICHT a reliable partner for projects, analyses, and scenarios.

Here you have the opportunity to get to know our departments – from "Chemical Energy Storage" to "Low Carbon Technologies" and "Sustainability and Participation".


Chemical Energy Storage

We develop innovative processes for a successful raw material and energy turnaround – for example by creating and applying materials for chemical storage as well as the conversion of energy and CO2. Our work focuses on the development and testing of technical catalysts for heterogeneous catalysis. 


Circular and Bio-based Plastics

We develop customized bio-based plastics for a variety of applications like films, fibers, filaments, injection molded parts, and others. We offer expertise in polymer chemistry, material development, plastics processing and recycling, production scale-up and materials testing. We can provide material samples on an industrial scale. 


Electrochemical Energy Storage

We develop electrochemical energy storage systems for the demand-oriented provision of electricity. Our concepts contribute to the sector coupling of energy and production. We specialize in the development and manufacture of batteries and in the technological, economic, and systemic evaluation of power-to-x technologies.



The Electrosynthesis department focuses on the production of hydrogen and the question of how CO2 can be electrochemically converted into starting materials for industries. 


Energy Systems

We develop and optimize energy-efficient and economical energy systems. We specialize in local energy systems to supply to buildings or even urban quarters and in the integration of renewable energies. We optimize the dimensioning and operation of energy supply plants and storage facilities in future markets.


Energy Systems Engineering

We know our way around energy systems engineering and its applications. We advise on its conception, calculation, design, planning, and integration. We specialize in small, high-speed turbomachinery such as ORC supersonic and micro steam turbines and the continuous improvement of energy plants and processes.


Environment and Resources

We are committed to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. "Securing food worldwide" (SDG2) and "Sufficient water of the best quality" (SDG6) are what we see as our contribution to future generations. The efficient use and safeguarding of water, fresh food, nutrients and valuable substances are issues that drive us. We think circularly!


Low Carbon Technologies

We supply technologies and innovations in the field of sector coupling for the use, avoidance or reduction of CO2 emissions. For this purpose, we develop processes for the production of synthetic fuels and chemicals as well as for gas purification and carry out system analyses and optimizations.


Process Digitalization

With our technologies, we support the digital transformation in your company. This makes your products smarter, your processes faster, more scalable, more intelligent and your company stronger and more efficient. The focus is on analysis, design and implementation of customized solutions


Process Engineering

We develop concepts for process-related production. The focus lies on the modularization and digitization of process engineering. We offer models for later investigation, modeling, simulation, and optimization in a dynamic overall system. We focus on biotechnology for environment and energy, bioprocess engineering and fluid separation, biomass and residue utilization, membrane and food technology.


Product Development

With the focus on product development, we modify and functionalize plastics and natural materials such as leather, wood and stone. We offer expertise in coating and particle technology, compounding, as well as the comminution and addition of various materials. As an innovative process, we use, among other things, compressed carbon dioxide as a solvent and dispersing agent.


Sustainability and Participation

We develop tailor-made sustainability strategies, help to close loops, and evaluate the sustainability of products, processes, and services. We support innovation processes and focus specifically on user integration, stakeholder management and new formats for citizen involvement.