Processing of pyrolysis products into chemicals and fuels

Your challenge

The processing of pyrolysis products (product gas, pyrolysis oil) from biogenic residues and waste materials or (plastic-containing) waste into high-quality products, e.g. next-generation fuels, chemical base materials, requires individually adapted processes.

The crude oils produced may contain impurities or contaminants such as heteroatoms or halogens. Using an innovative combination of process control and catalyst, for example, the concentration of heteroatoms in pyrolysis oils from challenging feedstocks (e.g. e-waste, mixed plastics or shredder fractions) can be reduced to achieve industry specifications. In the area of biogenic feedstocks, optimization of the process gas route can increase product quality and yield.

Our solutions

  • Europe-wide unique pilot plant infrastructure
  • Design of process routes, reaction control and reactors incl. process simulation
  • Testing and optimization of catalysts on a pilot plant scale (> 3 liters throughput / h)
  • Catalytic conversion (hydrotreatment) from laboratory to pilot plant scale (up to 30 liters throughput / h)
  • Continuous distillation of intermediate products (35 theoretical plates and up to 2 kg/h throughput)
  • Recovery of hydrogen
  • In-house catalyst IP for chemical recycling
  • Scale-up from laboratory to pilot and pilot plant scale

Further information

Details on the processing of pyrolysis products into chemicals and fuels can be found on the website of our institute branch Sulzbach-Rosenberg.