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  • Presentation of research results looking at PLA in waste streams / 2017

    How do bio-based plastics perform in established recycling systems?

    Press release / 6.12.2017

    © Photo Fraunhofer UMSICHT

    Bio-based products, especially package material, are increasingly found in shop shelves and thus more often end in the waste stream. This poses a challenge to our recycling systems. Many waste management companies fear that bio-based plastics disrupt the established recycling processes. However, they are only a few well-founded studies. Therefore, the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) has supported a joint project. The outcomes of this project are recommendations for the waste management of bioplastics.

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  • Research Collaboration / 2017

    Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft brings new bio-energy technology to Canada

    Press release / 30.10.2017

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    On October 24th 2017, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the University of Alberta signed a research collaboration agreement to launch a new Technology Platform partnership. The Platform will support joint projects that develop new energy technologies and test them with Alberta feedstock material. Bio fuels, storage batteries, and alternative uses for CO2 will be some of the first topics, with one project already underway.

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  • Director speaks about sustainability and research / 2017

    Prof. Dr. Eckhard Weidner is member of Green Talents jury

    Press release / 26.10.2017

    25 leading young scientists from all over the world meet Germany´s sustainability researchers from 16 to 27 October 2017. The focus of the two-week science tour is on sustainable production and consumption. Prof. Dr. Eckhard Weidner, director of Fraunhofer UMSICHT and member of the Green Talents jury, talked to the Green Talents team about sustainability, research and the Green Talents competition.

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  • Cleantan® / 2017

    European Innovation Award EARTO 2017 for leather tanning process

    Press release / 13.10.2017

    Fraunhofer UMSICHT developed a completely innovative leather tanning process that reduces emissions and production costs. The process can contribute to retain and strengthen leather-manufacturing companies in Germany and Europe. For this process Dr. Manfred Renner was awarded one of two innovation awards of the European Association for Research and Technology Organisations EARTO. With this award the international non-profit association honors products and services with a high social and economical benefit for the EU.

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  • Decomposition of plastics / 2017

    Fighting plastics waste with mealworms

    Press release / 10.5.2017

    At present, environmental pollution due to plastics is higher than ever before. Fraunhofer UMSICHT performs research on environmentally friendly processes for the decomposition of plastics and is using small biological helpers for this: mealworm larvae that utilize the plastics and secrete them again as organic substances.

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  • Electricity as a raw material / 2017

    Green energy for sustainable chemistry

    Press release / 23.3.2017

    The shift in energy and its concomitant low-CO2 electricity provide an opportunity to establish an electricity-driven production. Ten Fraunhofer institutes are developing and optimizing methods to utilize this electricity for the manufacturing of important basic chemicals. At the HANNOVER MESSE 2017 (April 24th to 28th, Hall 2, Booth C22), Fraun-hofer UMSICHT is presenting the Fraunhofer key project "Electricity as a raw material".

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  • Start of the “PFCLoesch” project: Eliminating perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals / 2017

    Mobile and cost-efficient treatment of fire-fighting water

    Press release / 8.2.2017

    In order to provide an effective fire-fighting capability for major fires of fuels and solvents the utilization of foam fire-extinguishing agents with PFC is in most cases indispensable. However, breakdown of fluorocarbon compounds (PFCs) is extremely difficult and they are, in part, toxic. As consequence, therefore, fire-fighting water containing PFCs must be collected and processed or professionally disposed of.

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  • To date, road fuels are almost exclusively provided by blending fossil fuels from refineries with separately manufactured biofuels at the end of both processes. There are some conventional refineries co-feeding vegetable oils in Europe, but since bio-oils properties are incompatible with the conventional refinery processes this is only possible at very low level. For future large-scale co-feeding of bio-based material into refineries (instead of blending after the refinery processes), well-defined co-feed material would be essential. This is where the “BioMates”, a project funded by the European Union’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, comes into play.

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