Green Hydrogen: Materials and processes for the electrochemical production, utilization and storage of green hydrogen

Green hydrogen plays a crucial role in making our economy climate-neutral – whether as a storage medium for renewable energies, as a raw material for industrial processes or as a substitute for fossil fuels. At the same time, the necessary transformation presents companies with major challenges. For example, with regard to reliable and efficient technologies for the production of hydrogen or the infrastructure for its production, storage, distribution and use.

This is where our scientists come in. We are working on the industrialization of electrolysis and are focusing on materials and processes for the electrochemical production, use and storage of green hydrogen: On the one hand, we design and build electrolysers and fuel cells. On the other hand, we develop processes for the conversion and reconversion of hydrogen into chemical storage systems such as ammonia and methanol. We also provide support in the evaluation of systems and locations where hydrogen is to be used.

Which questions we support you with

Electrolyzers and fuel cells

  • Design, development, characterization and construction of electrochemical reactors
  • Entire development chain, production and testing of materials and components through to the entire system

Chemical storage of hydrogen

  • Development of processes for the conversion and reconversion of hydrogen into chemical storage such as ammonia and methanol

Further topics


Electrically conductive polymers

We develop thermally and electrically conductive plastic compounds that can be processed into bipolar plates, e.g. for batteries and fuel cells.


Catalysts for industrial use

We support research institutions and companies in testing and screening catalysts. We also focus on the preparation and development of catalysts.



We are working on solutions for the use of hydrogen. This includes the development of materials and components for electrolysis and fuel cells as well as the implementation of cross-sector approaches such as Power-to-X.

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