Process Digitalization

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Digitalization affects companies across all industries and sectors. New business models combined with the use of precise data analysis and data exploration are the cornerstones of a successful digital evolution.


IT Platforms

Application-oriented and highly flexible IT platforms are designed and implemented according to project requirements. By using modern IT methods such as DevOps toolchains and integrating interdisciplinary technologies, agile, solution-oriented IT platforms and applications can be realized with the participation of all partners.


Digitalization Technologies

The digital transformation poses major challenges for companies. With our technologies, we make their data usable. From the collection of process data to analysis using state-of-the-art methods such as artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, and BigData, we support and optimize their processes and products, making them more flexible and efficient.

Reference projects of the department Process Digitalization



Concept for combined heat and power generation

A new concept for combined heat and power generation reacts to fluctuating market prices and compensates for bottlenecks in the local grid. The combination of CHP with heat storage and power-to-heat is a building block in the energy transition.



Making cooling supply systems more flexible

The aim of the project "FlexKaelte" is to develop basics for the evaluation of the flexibilization of cooling supply systems and to show the potential for electrical energy balancing in Germany.



Digitalization of biomass furnaces

DigitalFire enables affordable and consistent digital process monitoring of biomass furnaces. Even lower fuel qualities can be run with the best possible efficiency.



Carbon Cycle

Using renewable energies, unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions from the steel industry are to replace fossil raw materials in the chemical industries. To this end, a cross-industry production network is being established comprising the steel industry, chemical industries and energy management.



In-service qualification

With DYNERGY, the FernUniversität in Hagen and Fraunhofer UMSICHT have developed a part-time certificate course that provides interdisciplinary know-how in the areas of renewable energies, sector coupling and system dynamics.