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No food competition: Alcohols with medium carbon chains

Many surfactants (detergents and cleaners) contain medium carbon chain alcohols made from coconut oil, palm oil or crude oil. With our technology, we can produce identical or similar alcohols from fermentation residues that do not compete with food or consume crude oil.

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In the field of chemicals and formulations, we offer branched alcohols of medium chain length to synthesize surfactants, plasticizers, and lubricants. The alcohols are produced by condensing fermentation alcohols. Mixed condensation with methanol or ethanol is also possible as the catalytic gas phase process is tolerant to water and typical fermentation acids.

Unique selling points

We are familiar with international patent protection and licensing: Fraunhofer UMSICHT has two PCT applications in this field (patents already granted in some countries – see info box). In addition, we have been building up expertise in the development of processes and catalysts on a pilot scale for the last ten years. Take advantage of this and our expertise concerning scaling in fixed-bed reactors, analytics, raw material screening, and cost estimates.

How you can work with us

Our employees Axel Kraft and Andreas Menne advise on all aspects of chemicals and formulations, samples for application tests licensing and collaborations in public and bilateral projects. Our experts were honored for their research on a catalytic process to produce alcohols from more sustainable raw materials in the 2018 Imagine Chemistry Competition by AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals.


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