Water management in production processes

Your challenge: Efficient management of process and waste water

Whether as cooling water, for cleaning, as a solvent or for production – anyone who uses fresh water in companies knows that the challenge is to select the right technology in order to produce in a water-saving manner, to treat process and waste water adequately and to comply with legal requirements. Operating costs are often too high due to the consumption of fresh water, chemicals and energy. In addition, regulations on climate protection and sustainability as well as the economical use of resources and stricter regulations make it necessary to revise and adapt existing systems. 

Our solution: An optimized concept for your water management

We support you in optimizing the use and treatment of process and waste water in terms of impact, costs, reliability and sustainability. For example, we develop a concept for recycling water in your production processes – regardless of whether you represent an SME or a large company.

In a first step, we analyze and rethink your existing water management. On this basis, we then develop suggestions for improvement, which we accompany through to implementation. Our services include in particular

  • Inspection, (material flow) analysis and assessment of the current process (as-is analysis)
  • Development of a new process concept (target status)
  • Early environment analysis to determine suitable solutions through discussions with partners for the subsequent construction and operation of industrial-scale systems for you
  • Neutral and manufacturer-independent selection of technology and components (e.g. adsorption processes, membranes or electrodialysis)
  • Construction and operation of laboratory/test plants on site or in the technical center at Fraunhofer UMSICHT with real water and synthetic water
  • Accompanying analysis to prove the effectiveness of the technology

Your benefits:

  • Reduction of water-related costs through
    • Circulation utilization instead of discharge
    • Saving of fresh water
    • Reduction in energy and material consumption and maintenance costs
  • Neutral scientific classification of possibilities
  • Achievement of legal requirements
  • Contribution to resource conservation, climate protection and sustainability 
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How to work with us

You can commission us directly with the development of optimized water management for your production processes. Our team supports small and medium-sized companies just as professionally with research and development services as large industrial companies. A kick-off meeting is usually combined with an initial plant inspection. The analysis is carried out by and at Fraunhofer UMSICHT, the involvement of external laboratories or your own laboratories is possible. Test stands or test facilities can be set up and operated either at your premises or at Fraunhofer UMSICHT. After consultation, we regularly present you with written elaborations and results – in person or online. We will examine together whether the integration of public funding options is appropriate for your problem.

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