Process Engineering

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To use renewable raw materials, open up alternative energy sources, produce chemical products, foodstuffs, fuels and other energy materials in an efficient, clean and environmentally friendly manner – these are tasks for the process technology of the future that we are working on.

In the age of industry 4.0, we are developing new concepts for process-related production. We focus on modularizing processes, i.e. subdivision into standardized subsystems, in order to be able to provide flexible, adaptive and scalable plants. At the same time, we aim to digitize the processes by providing appropriate models for later investigation, modeling, simulation, and optimization in a dynamic overall system.

Biotechnology for Environment and Energy

Within the topic area of electro-biotechnology we work on the integration of electric power into biotechnological production processes. In addition, we research biological degradation processes under aerobic and anaerobic conditions by employing standardized testing methods. As a testing laboratory approved by DIN CERTO we offer tests for the biodegradability of polymeric materials.

Bioprocess Engineering and Fluid Separation

We develop and design processes for the processing of materials from chemical or biotechnological syntheses. The downstream processing (mechanical and thermal separation processes), the manufacture of products made from renewable resources including biological conversion technologies are part of our tools of trade.

Biomass and Residue Utilization

The focus of our work is on the evaluation and optimization of the energetic utilization of biomass and residues through the creation and characterization of fuels (preparation, hydrothermal carbonization, torrefaction and incineration), the determination and minimization of (dust) emissions, as well as the recovery paths of ash are in the focus of our work.

Membrane and Food Technology

Developing system solutions for membrane and food technology and implementing them in laboratory, pilot plant station, and demonstration plants are our expertise. Numerous references in the field of food technology show how completely new products can be developed or how the yield and efficiency of processes can be improved.

Information material of the department Process Engineering

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Zero emission food

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Disintegration Processes in the food industry

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Membrane Technology

Mobile Pilot Plant Stations

Oscillating filters

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Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster ˮbioenergyˮ

Exploring potentials of biomass – Developing innovative utilization concepts

Optimized Waste Management and Bioenergy Production


Reference projects of the department Process Engineering



Digitalization of biomass furnaces

DigitalFire enables an affordable and consistent digital process monitoring of biomass furnaces. Even lower fuel qualities can be operated with the same output.



Research for a climate-neutral industry

SCI4climate.NRW builds the scientific part of the IN4climate.NRW initiative, a group of the basic materials producing industry and energy transporting infrastructure providers in NRW. The primary goal: identification of the most suitable transformation process and selection of the most appropriate technology therefore towards a climate-neutral and sustainable basic materials industry in 2050.


Fraunhofer-Innovationscluster Bioenergy

Sustainable use of biomass

The Fraunhofer Bioenergy Innovation Cluster has optimized the material and energetic use of biomass. The results are promising technologies and promising concepts.