Pyrolysis of plastics and composites

Your challenge

Operators of pyrolysis plants for the chemical recycling of plastics are faced with the challenge of ensuring the consistent quality of pyrolysis oils. Fluctuations in quality are mainly caused by the different compositions of the input material streams. It is therefore expedient to continuously analyze the dependency between input and product. Targeted measures can then be taken on the basis of the analysis results, for example

  • Extended pre-treatment stages (sorting, washing)
  • Targeted adjustment of the parameters of the core processes
  • Optimization of the entire process management (e.g. heat input)
  • Additional, downstream treatment and cleaning steps

These steps enable plant operators to better meet the required specifications of the industry and thus increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their plants.

Fraunhofer UMSICHT has many years of experience in the development and operation of pyrolysis plants up to pre-industrial scale. We provide support in situation analysis as well as in the optimization or further development of pyrolysis systems for chemical recycling. 

Our solutions

  • Development and optimization of processes for chemical recycling
  • Pyrolysis tests with plastic-containing input materials (up to 100 kg/h)
  • Evaluation and comparison of technologies / market studies
  • Treatment and purification processes, dehalogenation, upgrading
  • Recovery of chemical base materials / monomers
  • Treatment of problem plastics and composite materials
  • Comprehensive analysis

Further information

Details on the pyrolysis of plastics and composites can be found on the website of our institut branch Sulzbach-Rosenberg.