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  • ZEROES / 2024

    Reducing CO2 emissions with climate-positive building materials

    Press release / July 10, 2024

    The construction industry and the operation of buildings are responsible for 36% of global energy consumption and 39% of energy-related CO2 emissions. At the same time, the housing market is tight, especially in large cities, and there is a lack of affordable and climate-neutral housing. Sustainable and affordable building materials are therefore more in demand than ever. This is where the "ZEROES" project comes in: The project partners Betonwerk Büscher, Rohstoffbauwerke and project management Fraunhofer UMSICHT are pursuing the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in the production of mineral building materials. A central approach is the use of carbonates as binders or fillers in concrete and sand-lime bricks. The project partners met on July 3, 2024 for the official kick-off at Fraunhofer UMSICHT in Oberhausen.

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  • Removal of PFAS from water / 2024

    Fraunhofer UMSICHT and Cornelsen optimize PerfluorAd® process

    Press release / July 08, 2024

    Blick in eine PFAS Response Unit zur Dekontaminierung von belasteten Systemen vor Ort beim Kunden.

    Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) pose a risk to humans and the environment due to their high stability and ubiquitous distribution. With the treatment technology PerfluorAd®, Fraunhofer UMSICHT and Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH have developed a market-ready process that removes PFAS from aqueous media cost-effectively and effectively. The current NRW project Perfluor.Dat is pursuing comprehensive data-based process optimization, among other things, in order to be able to adapt the process to the requirements of international markets.

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  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Bett and Prof. Dr. Christian Doetsch will take office as the new dual leadership of the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance on July 1, 2024. Both are institute directors at their home institutes, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Freiburg and the Fraunhofer Institute for Envi-ronmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT in Oberhausen. Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Henning, who heads Fraunhofer ISE together with Prof. Andreas Bett, did not stand for re-election after seven successful years in office.

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  • Group »Energy Technologies and Climate Protection« of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft / 2024

    Massive cuts in research funding hamper necessary innovations in key technologies for the energy transition

    Press release / June 18, 2024

    Kürzung Forschungsförderung

    The year 2024 is characterised by a substantial reduction in federal funding for project research. Energy research is particularly affected by this. A 30 % reduction in available funding for new projects is looming, compared to the previous year. Against this backdrop, the Fraunhofer-Group »Energy Technologies and Climate Protection« is warning of a massive decline in German industry's ability to innovate in technologies for the energy transition. Nine institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft are organised in the group, which play a key role in driving forward application-oriented energy research.

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  • IFAT 2024 / 2024

    Circulating water

    Press release / May 08, 2024

    Schwingfiltermodul zur effiktiven Abwasseraufbereitung

    Under the motto "Water reuse for a sustainable future", Fraunhofer UMSICHT is presenting various technologies for water recycling and wastewater treatment at this year's IFAT in Munich. The focus is on the improved separation of pollutants and greater resource and energy efficiency.

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  • Life cycle assessment / 2024

    Coffee milk in the catering industry: Reusable or portion packaging

    Press release / May 03, 2024

    A new EU regulation* provides for a ban on small individual packaging made from disposable plastic for coffee creamers. These consist of a polystyrene base film and an aluminum lid, both of which are usually incinerated after use. An alternative in the hospitality industry, e.g. in bakeries, cafés or in the travel sector, are reusable solutions. Fraunhofer UMSICHT carried out a life cycle assessment for the company frischli Milchwerke to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of reusable solutions such as ceramic jugs or thermos flasks compared to individual packaging.

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  • Decarbonization / 2024

    Contributing to the energy transition by making cooling supply systems more flexible

    Press release / April 16, 2024

    Kick-off für das Projekt FlexBlue
    © Fraunhofer UMSICHT

    By making cooling supply systems more flexible, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 22 to 39 percent and electricity procurement costs by 35 to 54 percent. Fraunhofer UMSICHT came to this conclusion in the "FlexKaelte" project. At the same time, the researchers found that there are still a number of obstacles and hurdles on the way to flexibilization – from concerns about possible losses in cooling quality and a lack of information regarding the achievable economic potential to the question of how cooperation between the various players can be structured. How these obstacles can be overcome is the focus of the follow-up project "FlexBlue", for which the institute has joined forces with a number of partners.

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  • IN4climate.NRW / 2024

    "Industry, science and politics at one table"

    Interview / April 15, 2024

    Fundamental changes are needed if North Rhine-Westphalia is to become a climate-neutral industrial location and remain competitive at the same time. In addition to new production processes and production methods, an optimized infrastructure and adapted framework conditions are required above all. The IN4climate.NRW think tank provides input for this. Representatives from industry, science and politics are meeting here for the first time to provide impetus for the transformation of the raw materials industry. Christoph Glasner from Fraunhofer UMSICHT has been involved right from the start.

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  • Green Hydrogen / 2024

    "We need to test hydrogen technologies and put them into practice"

    Interview / April 04, 2024

    Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Stießel und Dr.-Ing. Esther Stahl sprachen im Interview über den Aufbau einer Wasserstoffwirtschaft.

    Green Hydrogen is one of Fraunhofer UMSICHT's key research topics. In this interview, Dr.-Ing. Esther Stahl and Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Stießel discuss the role of green hydrogen in making our economy climate neutral. They highlight both challenges and opportunities and explain how our scientists can support the development of a hydrogen economy – from the production, use and storage of green hydrogen to the evaluation of systems and locations where hydrogen is to be used.

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  • Circular Economy / 2024

    Evolution of synthetic rubber: bio-based raw materials and new types of rubber

    Press release / April 03, 2024

    Neuartige, biobasierte Kautschuktypen sollen künftig Autoreifen mit bisher unerreichten Eigenschaften ermöglichen.
    © Fraunhofer IAP, Foto: Till Budde

    Synthetic rubber is indispensable today, especially for car tires and technical rubber goods. Until now, the raw materials for its production have largely been obtained from fossil sources. Under the leadership of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP, four Fraunhofer Institutes are now developing alternative, biobased raw material sources for synthetic rubber, which will enable completely new types of rubber for car tires. The three-year project is being funded by Fraunhofer with 3.25 million euros and starts in April 2024.

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