Catfish Solutions GmbH

Catfish Solutions GmbH is a vendor-neutral and industry-independent IT consulting company. The focus is on cloud and digitization technologies as well as the design and operation of scientific simulation applications.


DataPool Engineering GmbH

DataPool Engineering is a partner for software solutions in process and safety technology. Beside simulations, the company provides safety analysis and knowledge-based systems for legal advice.


FKuR Kunststoff GmbH

According to the motto “Plastics – made by nature!” FKuR Kunststoff GmbH, in cooperation with Fraunhofer UMSICHT, has developed a wide range of biodegradable plastics primarily made from natural resources: Bio-Flex®, Biograde® und Fibrolon®.


RSL Recycling Solutions Lippetal GmbH

RSL uses the Fraunhofer Technology iCycle® (Intelligent Composite Recycling). This is a technology platform for recycling complex composite materials, e. g. electronic scrap or GFRP and CFRP. RSL focuses on the processing of fractions from the treatment of electronic scrap.


Ruhr Compounds GmbH

Ruhr Compounds develops high quality plastics with rubber residues. The innovative and marketable plastics compound, elastomer powder modified thermoplastics – short: EPMT®, saves raw material costs and enables customers to increase their materials efficiency.



TURBONIK’s high-efficient oil-free micro steam turbine enables steam using companies to profitably generate power from process steam. In doing so, for the first time, energy costs are cut and CO2 emissions are significantly reduced even in small steam systems.


Volterion GmbH

Volterion produces and sells compact-size redox flow batteries for private homes. With the novel energy storage self-generated power from fluctuating renewable energies can be retrieved even in the night or during times of low solar intensity.


VSM Solar Private Limited

VSM Solar designs, produces and installs solar cooling for buildings, refrigerators and cool rooms for the Indian market. In these regions the awareness for sustainability of solar energy should be raised.


WAGRO Systemdichtungen GmbH

WAGRO Systemdichtungen GmbH develops and produces sealing systems on the basis of swellable substances which can be used in the construction of new buildings as well as in refurbishment projects. These innovative sealing products are employed in all fields of technology; main fields of application are civil engineering and pipeline construction.