Strategy development for municipal utilities and energy suppliers

The energy transition leads to substantial changes in the energy industry. While energy systems and their environment become more decentralized, dynamic and complex, energy sectors are growing closer together. Electricity, for example, is playing an increasingly important role in heat generation and transport. For municipal utilities and energy suppliers, this means they have to operate under very different framework conditions. Old business models are disappearing, while at the same time new opportunities and business areas are opening up in areas such as district development, green district heating, flexible plant operation, mobility and hydrogen.

Sustainable Strategy Development: Solutions and Services of Fraunhofer UMSICHT

But on which of these technologies and business areas should municipal utilities and energy suppliers focus in the future? This is where the scientists of Fraunhofer UMSICHT come into play: We provide orientation in the market environment, support both in concept development and in model-based evaluation of energy concepts and accompany implementation projects. In close cooperation with you, we develop optimal operating concepts and innovative business models with which you can tap new sources of revenue, make well-founded investment decisions and develop a sustainable strategy.

Unique selling points: The overall system in view

What makes us special: In our work, we have an integrated view on all components of the energy system and thus create holistic solutions and synergies for your individual problem. We have a ready-to-use toolbox of forecasting, simulation and optimization models and combine this with our many years of experience in working with municipal utilities and energy providers.

In order to ensure the feasibility and practicality of the intended solution, we collaborate closely with you: Relevant questions and objectives of our cooperation are developed in a joint workshop. In the subsequent solution-finding process, we attach importance to transparency and short development cycles. This way, we can make sure to meet your requirements at any time.

This is how cooperation with us works

On a direct order basis, we promptly and exclusively develop customized solutions for your issues. Alternatively, we can develop new and innovative topics in a joint research project. We contribute our independent scientific expertise and many years of experience, you present us with your challenges and bring the practical perspective; together we then ensure the implementation of the concepts.

Reference projects around "Strategy development for municipal utilities and energy suppliers"



Platform for heat transformation tools and measures

The "PlaWaTT" project aims to provide tools and measures for greenhouse gas-neutral heat transformation via an application-oriented platform and thus promote the heat transition in heating network and municipal heat planning.



New strategies for municipal utilities

Within the framework of SW.Developer, a development environment is being created that supports municipal utilities in evaluating energy technologies as well as aligning their product portfolio with the requirements of the future energy system.



Municipal utilities as local players in the energy transition

Municipal utilities as local players in the energy transition: Within the framework of TrafoSW, solutions for the transformation and reorientation of municipal utilities were developed.



Concept for combined heat and power generation

A new concept for combined heat and power generation reacts to fluctuating market prices and compensates for bottlenecks in the local grid. The combination of CHP with heat storage and power-to-heat is a building block in the energy transition.



Hybrid Energy Storage Hospital

The project "Hybrid Energy Storage Hospital" (HESKH) deals with the question of whether and how the supply systems of hospitals can be used for electrical energy balancing. In addition to determining the potential itself, the project also examines the importance of precise heat load forecasts for the planning of flexible system operation.


Stadt als Speicher

Virtual storage of

Fraunhofer UMSICHT has investigated how virtual energy storage systems can be practically implemented in urban regions. The results show which systems should preferably be integrated and how the technical connection and control can be realized.