Press photos

You are welcome to use our press photos and graphics for your reporting on Fraunhofer UMSICHT.
The press photos and graphics may be used free of charge in connection with reporting on Fraunhofer UMSICHT, provided the source and the respective caption are acknowledged. They may not be passed on to third parties.
In the case of print media, please send a specimen copy to Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Public Relations, Osterfelder Str. 3, 46047 Oberhausen.
For electronic media (Internet), please notify us by e-mail.


The pictures offered here have an average size between 1.5 and 5 MB. By right-clicking, only the compressed JPG size is displayed. Only opening the photos in a professional image editing program (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) will show the correct size of the image.