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Looking beyond the boundaries of your own department. Pursuing and evaluating new approaches and innovations at a very early stage of development, and developing them close to the market towards application. These are the objectives of the energy division's idea factory. Results can include interdisciplinary concepts on topics such as the low carbon economy, bio economy and circular economy as well as new, highly innovative and still exploratory technologies or solutions for future energy supply.

Biological transformation

A current focus of the idea factory is biological transformation. UMSICHT researchers view the idea of integrating biological components and principles into technical and economic processes through the technical and bio philosophical lens. They discuss their findings with experts from other disciplines – for example in the context of various event formats.

Electro synthesis

The focus of the idea factory is the production of hydrogen and the question of how CO2 can be electrochemically converted into valuable starting materials for industry. The path to this goal is electro catalysis: The scientists at Fraunhofer UMSICHT develop catalysts, electrodes and reactors as well as innovative approaches to the design of the entire Power-to-X process – from the laboratory bench to the pilot plant in industrial application.

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Fraunhofer UMSICHT is working on the industrialization of hydrogen electrolysis by developing and manufacturing new materials and systems – from catalysts and electrodes to fuel cells and stacks.


Industrialization of hydrogen-electrolysis

We are looking for replacements for precious metal-containing catalyzers used so far, says Prof. Ulf-Peter Apfel in an interview on hydrogen.