Virtual Event  /  May 19, 2022

The 3rd "Electrochemical Cell Concepts Colloquium – E3C" invites researchers and interested parties to an interdisciplinary and international exchange

Special designs and modifications of non-flow and flow reactors will be the focus of the 3rd "Electrochemical Cell Concepts Colloquium – E3C" on May 19, 2022. For the third time, the virtual event will offer researchers and interested parties the opportunity for interdisciplinary and international exchange on electrochemical reactor designs.

The focal points of this year's edition of the colloquium are:

  • CO2 conversion and capture
  • 3D printed electrodes
  • innovative cell und stack concepts

In this year, the "E3C" will be accompanied again by Graphical Recording with an immediately graphical summary of the presentations.


Due to the international orientation of the event, the language of presentation will be English.