Coordination and Communication

Carbon2Chem® subproject L-KK

Aims for phase 2

The subproject L-KK “Coordination and Communication”, which has been set up for the second project term, supports the overall coordination of the joint project and is responsible for internal and external project communication for the entire network. In terms of content, a draft of the necessary regulatory framework for implementing the Carbon2Chem® project results is being created. The results of this process are discussed within workshops with experts from business, science, and politics. The work in the subproject also includes developing a communication concept to convey the rather technical content in an understandable manner.

As the work within the subproject tends to be overarching, it was removed from subproject L0 in the first project phase and turned into a dedicated subproject.

Information material Carbon2Chem® subproject "Coordination and Communication"

Subproject L-KK

Coordination and Communication

Project structure

Carbon2Chem® brings together basic research, applied research and industries. A look at the structure of this collaboration.

Project contents

Information on the two funding phases

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Subproject Manager / 10.2.2021

Torsten Müller

Subproject leader "L-KK Coordination and Communication"