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Society with confidence in science

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Sustainability is inextricably linked with social change. In this context, science provides the basis and framework for establishing sustainable action. This can only succeed if those involved communicate with each other at eye level and trust each other. The UMSICHT Science Award honors people whose work strengthens trust between science and society. The prize is awarded in the categories of science and journalism and is endowed with a total of 10 000 euros. Applications can be submitted a until February 28, 2022.

UMSICHT Science Award 2022.
© Fraunhofer UMSICHT
UMSICHT Science Award 2022.
Dr. Jörg Schube has been awarded the UMSICHT Science Award 2021 in the category Science.
© Fraunhofer ISE
Dr. Jörg Schube has been awarded the UMSICHT Science Award 2021 in the category Science.
UMSICHT Science Award 2021 in the category Journalism: Wolfgang Richter.
© M. Wimmer
UMSICHT Science Award 2021 in the category Journalism: Wolfgang Richter.

Current discussions about ensuring sustainability for future generations show that Germany must become more environmentally and climate friendly in many areas. To achieve this, there needs to be broad acceptance in society. The accompanying social changes - for example, by avoiding plastic, phasing out coal or the mobility revolution - have a direct influence on our everyday lives. In this context, science is seen as having an important role to play in enabling a diverse and comprehensible discussion of research findings and new technologies.

Communicate research topics in an understandable way

In order to support the dialog between science and society, the UMSICHT Friends and Patrons Group as initiated the UMSICHT Science Award. Since 2010, people have been honored who make accessible research results from the fields of environmental, process or energy technology - the core topics of Fraunhofer UMSICHT - in an outstanding way. The prize money splits up in a prize of 8000 euros in the science category and a prize of 2000 euros for journalistic work.

Science category

In the assessment process, the jury pays special attention to the scientific level and the work’s sustainable benefit for environment and society. The degree of innovation is special emphasis placed on to, as well as the market and application proximity and a well comprehensible and convincing presentation, too. In addition to dissertations, final reports, studies, but also white papers etc. are welcome.

Journalism category

The clear and comprehensible reproduction of a socially and scientifically relevant topic in the context of sustainable management as well as the independence of the opinions are important evaluation criteria for journalistic works. The media form is open: Print, online, audio, video - anything goes. Published individual and collective works are accepted.

Apply online now

All published papers dealing with environmental, process or energy technology are eligible. The works must not be older than two years and can be submitted in German or English. Mere concepts, photographic works, books as well as unpublished works are inadmissible to apply for the UMSICHT Science Award. Submitted collaborative works need to be reassured their proven head performer’s consent or has to be submitted by head performers themselves. Applications are possible via the online form and will be accepted until February 28, 2022.

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Information on the UMSICHT Friends and Patrons Group

The UMSICHT Friends and Patrons Group (UMSICHT-Förderverein) is an essential element of a lively and efficient environment of the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT. The members of the group support the institute in the realization of research and development ideas in the areas of energy, processes and products. In addition, the group participates in the organization of congresses and seminars, promotes young and visiting scientists, and announces the UMSICHT Science Award.

Wissenschaftsforum Ruhr e. V.

The Wissenschaftsforum Ruhr e. V. forms a network as a working group, in particular of non-university research institutes in the Ruhr region, which promotes the cooperation of the research institutions in the region, represents them externally, and is committed to strengthening the scientific culture.


The UMSICHT Science Award is under the patronage of Prof. Dietrich Grönemeyer, MD, Chairman of the Executive Board of Wissenschaftsforum Ruhr e. V.

Partners of the UMSICHT Science Award

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