Proven as large energy converters in power plants and process industries, turbomachinery is increasingly conquering smaller applications in industry, households, and mobility. There, it decentralizes the energy supply as compressed air compressors, turbochargers or small turbines, or drives forward sector coupling as heat pump compressors or companders, for example, and thus shapes the energy system of the future.

Solutions and services of Fraunhofer UMSICHT

We are very familiar with small, fast-rotating turbomachinery for vaporous and gaseous fluids as well as their processes and fluid material data. We support our customers with profitability analysis as well as design and geometry optimization using CFD simulation. We develop small turbomachinery and test it on our own test bench. We build prototypes, commission pilot plants, maintain them and carry out field tests.

Unique selling points

We combine technical and economic expertise. That is what distinguishes us. We are able to analyze and evaluate the economic boundary conditions for the use of new turbomachinery and processes, develop business models from these, and define technical development priorities. This is supported by many years of experience in prototype and pilot plant construction including certification, in-house testing facilities, and excellent networking.

How you can work with us

You can collaborate with us in various ways. In the field of turbomachinery, we offer a free initial consultation and applications for innovation vouchers in North-Rhine Westfalia. In feasibility studies, we check whether the use or development of turbomachinery makes sense for you. In addition to the designing and planning of development or demonstration projects as well as field trials, the joint acquisition of funding or an order for services, prototype, and pilot plant construction are further opportunities for collaboration.


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Reference projects


Steam Turbocharger

Coupling steam and compressed air networks

How industrial companies can halve both, their primary energy consumption and their CO2 emissions when generating compressed air.



Micro steam turbine for electricity generation

Compact and oil-free micro steam turbine enables cost- and resource-efficient electricity production for companies with small steam volumes for the first time. Efficiency is up to 40 percent greater than with conventional steam turbines.



Technology for small CHP plants

Fraunhofer UMSICHT developed and implemented a unique ORC process for the Fuhrberg waterworks, which enables the use of combined heat and power in particularly small wood-fired boilers, thereby increasing efficiency and saving resources.