Carbon2Chem® archive

1st Project phase | 2016 to 2020

Carbon2Chem® subproject



System integration

Process and plant simulation makes it possible to describe the interaction between different industrial plants in a plant network as a "cross-industry network" as well as analyzing their dynamic system behavior.



Water electrolysis in non-stationary operation

Research into dynamic water electrolysis while taking into account the varying supply of metallurgical gases as well as fluctuating, renewable electricity represents the core of this subproject.



Sustainable methanol production

In order to produce methanol economically from metallurgical gas, the conventional catalyst must be put to the test. The conventional process also needs to be adapted.



Gas purification

Different gas utilization options require an adapted cleaning process chain for the raw gases. The process steps are adapted, tested and optimized on a pilot scale using real gas. Innovative process approaches are investigated on a laboratory scale.



Higher alcohols

Development of a process to use coupling gases from a steel mill for the production of C2+ alcohols, which are used as fuels and chemical intermediate products.




Plastics are mostly produced on the basis of fossil raw materials such as crude oil. They provide the element carbon, which is essential for this. But there are alternatives: A consortium is pointing them out.



Oxymethylene ethers

Oxymethylene ethers are a new class of oxygenated compounds that could be used in diesel and gasoline fuels to replace the fossil hydrocarbons currently still used in these fuels.