Chemical Energy Storage

A department in the field of energy

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Energy materials play a central role in the energy transition and raw materials shift. The development and application of materials for the chemical storage and conversion of energy and CO2 results in innovative processes for a successful raw materials shift and energy transition. Another focus of our work is thermal processes for efficient energy use and load balancing.

Catalytic Processes

We develop catalytic processes for the storage of energy in chemical bonds and for the material use of CO2. With a close connection to basic research, innovative catalysts are developed, investigated under application-oriented conditions, and process concepts developed for their industrial application.

Thermal Energy Storage

We research thermal energy storage based on phase-change slurries for stationary and mobile applications in the temperature range up to 50 °C. In addition, we develop and build components and systems for the provision of cooling.

Information material of the department Chemical Energy Storage

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Solar Cooling

Cooling by the sun


Cooling without

Battery cooling concept for e-mobility using CryoSol®plus


CryoSol® plus

High capacity cold supply fluid and cold storage medium [+5 to +45°] / Latent Heat storage on basis of CryoSol®plus

Reference projects of the department Chemical Energy Storage



Concept for combined heat and power

A new concept for combined heat and power generation reacts to fluctuating market prices and compensates for bottlenecks in the local grid. The combination of CHP with heat storage and power-to-heat is a building block in the energy transition.



Making cooling supply systems more flexible

The aim of the project "FlexKaelte" is to develop basics for the evaluation of the flexibilization of cooling supply systems and to show the potential for electrical energy balancing in Germany.