Material Systems and High Pressure Technology

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The core of the department is the development, modification, or functionalization of material systems. The focus is on plastics and natural materials such as leather, wood, and stone. Our range of services includes coating and particle technology as well as compounding, comminution, and additives for a wide variety of materials. We use state-of-the-art high-pressure technology and use supercritical carbon dioxide as a solvent and dispersing agent. With a view to industrial feasibility, we accompany you from laboratory scale to industrial scale.


By modifying or incorporating functional additives, we tailor material systems for innovative applications in the construction sector. Examples include self-repairing polymer and sealing systems, microcapsules, hollow microspheres, impregnated building materials, organometallic functional materials, and substrates for greening and mossing. One of the unique selling points is the operation of testing facilities to weather materials with regard to biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion.


The addition and mixing of plastics to compounds and the functionalization of polymer surfaces are our most important areas of development. Examples include material developments for additive manufacturing (SLS; FDM), surface structuring using embossing processes, and powder coating. We apply the tailor-made production of powders for various applications via cryogenic comminution up to the pre-industrial scale.

Impregnation and Leather

The use of compressed carbon dioxide as a process medium is the core of our work. We modify a wide variety of materials such as leather, building materials, and polymers and develop solutions to convert carbon dioxide into valuable chemical products.

Natural Substances

Our focus lies on natural plant and animal substance matrices. Our aim is to break down the natural material systems in order to obtain valuable materials or to equip them with additives in order to achieve targeted functionalization.

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