Leadership guidelines

We strive for excellence in research and innovation

As executives of UMSICHT, we work with competence, passion and responsibility on sustainable technical and economic changes and thus actively contribute to the vision and strategy of our institute.

We ensure that our employees are clear about the strategic priorities of the Institute. We translate these into strategic targets and concrete goals for our individual areas of responsibility. We communicate these goals effectively and can inspire enthusiasm for them.

We operate in the area of tension between science and business

We develop and maintain the scientific excellence of our subject area with great passion and professionalism as a central prerequisite for the success of UMSICHT.

At the same time, we think and act in a business-oriented manner and assume entrepreneurial responsibility for the institute's success.

We enable performance and development

We state our expectations of our employees in concrete terms, set clear goals, make agreements and regularly compare their fulfilment with our employees, also outside the employee appraisals. We maintain a close professional exchange with our employees, provide clear feedback in the form of recognition and constructive criticism and also demand this from our employees.

We attach great importance to positive social interaction and also demand this from our employees, ensure healthy working conditions and create a working environment in which enthusiasm, drive and creative will can develop.

We offer independent work design, creative freedom as well as time and space flexibility and expect ideas, solutions and results from our employees.

We consider the professional development of our employees to be a central management task. With a view to the current and future challenges of the Institute and our areas of responsibility on the one hand, and the potential and professional expectations of our employees on the other, we clarify development opportunities and promote the development and expansion of competencies on an individual basis.

We value cooperation

We ensure cooperation and team spirit between managers and the teams – within our divisions, departments and groups and across the boundaries of organizational units and parts of the institute.

We respect the statutory and statutory employee representatives and committees and work constructively with them.

When we make decisions, we seriously consider the arguments and opinions of employees. We explain the reasons for our decisions. If decisions cannot be made transparent in some cases, we make this comprehensible.

We continue to develop our leadership skills

We reflect on our behavior and are honest with ourselves. We pay attention to feedback from employees, colleagues and superiors, maintain an exchange of information and continuously develop our attitude and our behavior.

We know our strengths and weaknesses. We actively maintain and expand our competencies as leaders. In doing so, we are also mindful of our own resources.

We take time for leadership

We accept the leadership role and are aware of our role model function. We consciously create space for ourselves to exercise leadership responsibilities.

The leadership guidelines of UMSICHT are an expression of the common values that underlie our leadership behavior. Therefore, we adhere to the guidelines described here and live them out, with professionalism and integrity.