Diversity statement of Fraunhofer UMSICHT


Diverse perspectives promote innovative strength and understanding within a team, as well as for different target groups. Thus, they not only make a positive contribution to individual competence development, but also to our scientific and economic success.

Therefore, we at Fraunhofer UMSICHT are committed to diversity and equal opportunities. All employees are treated without prejudice and valued - regardless of gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality and ethnic origin, religion and world view, disability, age, and social and professional background.

Since 2011, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has been a signatory to the Charta der Vielfalt, which aims to promote the recognition, appreciation, and inclusion of diversity in the working environment.  

Our diversity dimensions

Diversity statement of Fraunhofer UMSICHT
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Nationality, ethnicity, religion and belief

  • Through our international cooperations, we live intercultural understanding and cooperation.
  • With the UMSICHT scholarship, we enable our employees to spend time at research institutions abroad.
  • We offer our employees language courses (English, Spanish, German as a foreign language) to break down communication barriers.
  • All necessary documents are available at our institute in German and English.

Gender, identity and sexual orientation

  • We strengthen women, especially in STEM professions, for example through our Talenta career program.
  • We are in exchange with the Fraunhofer Rainbow Network and offer it a forum at our events.
  • We are aware that language creates reality and therefore pay attention to inclusive formulations in our internal and external communication. 

Employees with disability

  • We provide people with disabilities with all the necessary technical and organizational aids to enable them to perform their work optimally. Furthermore, we help employees to claim state support.
  • We take accessibility criteria into account in all upcoming construction projects.
  • We sensitize employees and managers to the needs of our colleagues with disabilities and offer tailored personnel development tools.  

Age, life situation, social and professional background

  • We recognize that professional and private life must be compatible and offer extensive measures and offers to ensure this.
  • At UMSICHT, people from all disciplines work at eye level to approach complex topics from different angles in order to achieve optimal results.
  • We promote young talents through our training program, cooperation with schools and universities, and the UMSICHT Research School.
  • We offer customized opportunities for personnel development.


  • We regularly evaluate and publish our measures for more diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion in our sustainability report. The Institute's management is supported in this by the Equal Opportunity Officer, the Representative for Severely Disabled Employees and the Works Council.
  • Furthermore, we regularly have our progress with regard to diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion externally audited.
  • Through presentations and training, we raise awareness of the benefits of diversity and the dangers of prejudice in our day-to-day work.
  • Through standardized processes, we reduce unconscious bias in recruiting. We emphasize inclusive language in all types of job postings and use portals that appeal to a diverse audience.