Interviews on the challenges and highlights of Carbon2Chem®

Four questions to ...

What has been achieved so far during the Carbon2Chem® joint project? What have the highlights been? Where were the biggest challenges? And what next steps are planned? In the “Four questions to...” section, we regularly interview project coordinators and partners. So, it’s worth dropping by here virtually from time to time.

...the Carbon2Chem® project coordinators


Project coordinator / 22.7.2020

Markus Oles

"We want to extend Carbon2Chem® solutions to other industries with high CO2 emissions such as the lime industry or incineration plants."


Project coordinator / 30.9.2020

Görge Deerberg

"An improvement in climate protection requires not only a reduction in CO2 emissions but also an improvement in the use of fossil raw materials. This can be realized with Carbon2Chem®."


Project coordinator / 2.10.2020

Robert Schlögl

"An energy system without fossil fuels needs a materials-cycle management for carbon using green hydrogen. This challenge now requires a determined joint effort by science and industry."

...the Carbon2Chem® subproject leaders


Subproject Manager / 10.3.2021

Luis Piedra-Garza

"The core of the subproject lies in system integration and holistic analysis, since looking at individual sector-specific measures is not conducive to achieving climate goals."


Subproject Manager / 24.2.2021

Nina Kolbe

"Tighter climate targets and a change in awareness in society have led more and more CO2-intensive industries to set themselves the goal of climate neutrality."


Subproject Manager / 17.2.2021

Dorit Wolf

"For a process that is not yet commercially available, we were able to identify the most promising development approach in catalytic processes in the first phase."


Subproject Manager / 10.2.2021

Torsten Müller

"The Carbon2Chem® project can only provide one building block for defossilization and reducing emissions of climate-changing gases in industry."