Dynamic Methanol Production from Steel Mill Gases

Carbon2Chem® subproject L-II

Work in phase 1

In subproject L2 “Sustainable Methanol Production”, Fraunhofer UMSICHT set up and began operating a methanol plant on a pilot-plant scale on the Institute’s own campus, and was already able to produce small quantities of methanol in the first long-term tests. In various plants in the laboratory and technical center, pure and real gases were used to investigate how catalysts used in industry generally behave when using byproduct gases from steel mills. In particular, the gas composition was varied with regard to the proportions of CO, CO2, and N2. The effects of these changes in core parameters were investigated in terms of productivity, selectivity, and stability of the catalysis.

Aims in phase 2

L-II “Dynamic Methanol Production from Steel Mill Gases” in the second project term aims to specifically elaborate the process concepts developed in the first project term with regard to producing methanol from the byproduct gases from steel mills. The scale-up of the laboratory to the pilot plant in the technical center is a particular focal point. As part of longer tests and test series, statements should particularly be made on the robustness and long-term stability of the catalysts used. The results serve, among other things, as the basis for the economic and ecological system evaluation.

Information material Carbon2Chem® subproject "Dynamic Methanol Production from Steel Mill Gases"

Subproject L-II

Dynamic Methanol Production from Steel Mill Gases

Project structure

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Project contents

Information on the two funding phases

 Partners in subproject L-II
Management at Fraunhofer UMSICHT Dr.-Ing. Andreas Menne
Competence of the department Low Carbon Technologies
Partners Fraunhofer UMSICHT
Fraunhofer ISE
thyssenkrupp AG
Ruhr Universityt Bochum
Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH
Overall management of the subproject
Nouryon Industrial Chemicals GmbH

Interviews on the subproject “Dynamic Methanol Production from Steel Mill Gases“


Project Leader / 29.4.2023

Dr. Fernanda Neira D´Angelo

"We have understood and demonstrated the methanol synthesis from various cleaned and conditioned metallurgical gases."


Scientists / 12.12.2022

Torben Daun und Johannes Voß

Interplay between digitization and experimental work


Scientist / 22.9.2022

Kai Girod

"We are testing a solution to quickly avoid CO2 emissions."


Scientists / 20.1.2022

Stefan Schlüter und Tim Schulzke

"Thanks to the simulations, we can define a technically possible framework."


Scientist / 30.8.2021

Andreas Menne and Tim Schulzke

"Gas mixtures resulting from steel production are to be used to manufacture products for the chemical industry and synthetic fuels using hydrogen from renewable electricity."