SW.Developer: New strategies for municipal utilities

Development environment supports municipal utilities in evaluating energy technologies and realigning their portfolio


A development environment supports municipal utilities in evaluating energy technologies and embracing their role as players in the energy transition.

Project aims: Supporting the development of a product portfolio

The SW.Developer project aims to help municipal utilities adapt their portfolios to both fulfill the goals of the energy transition as well as react to changes in the energy economics. Among other things, a technology matrix and a model-based development environment will be created, with the help of which municipal utilities can compare different technology lines in relation to future requirements and market situations and build up a promising product portfolio. In parallel to the development work and analyses, a series of events is planned: Municipal utilities will be offered an insight into the project results and experiences and discuss current issues and promising solution approaches.

Benefits: Municipal utilities position themselves as local players in the energy transition

The future energy system will be characterized by strong decentralization combined with high complexity and dynamics. In this new environment, energy utilities will have to restructure themselves: New business units, new partnerships and new internal structures are required. In many places, municipal climate targets are also creating new demands for municipal utilities and their activities.

However, municipal utilities often lack an overview of future developments, especially for topics that are not directly related to their existing business areas as well as the resources and appropriate tools to engage in sound analysis and further development of their own business areas. The continuously changing regulatory environment continues to complicate the situation. One problem, therefore, is the great uncertainty in the industry with regard to promising future activities in view of the high complexity and dynamism of the new subject areas as well as the required expertise, which was not necessary in the core business of many municipal utilities in the past.

The development environment that is being created as part of SW.Developer is intended to support municipal utilities in facing up to this complexity. Tools that provide an overview of possible technology lines and evaluation methodologies will give municipal utilities a sound basis for developing new business models, making decisions regarding new technologies and providing a basis for strategic realignment. The focus is not only on the consideration of individual solutions, but also on holistic utilization of the overall strategy. In this way, municipal utilities will be able to accept and implement their new role as local players in the energy transition and to act both economically and in a climate-friendly manner.

Project partner

  • Stadtwerke Düsseldorf