Energy Systems

A department in the field of energy

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The aim of our work is to develop efficient energy systems. We develop and optimize energy-efficient and economical energy systems through the interaction of energy supply, distribution, storage, and use. The focus lies on local energy systems and the integration of renewable energies.

Energy Supply Systems

We develop local energy systems to supply to properties through to urban quarters. We investigate dynamic system behavior and carry out energy-efficiency evaluations. In addition, we prepare demonstration projects and implement promising energy concepts together with our partners.

Energy System Optimization

The future of energy supply is regenerative, but also dynamic and diverse.  Short-term fluctuations in regenerative electricity generation must be compensated for by a large number of small, spatially distributed plants. At the same time, the sectors of electricity, heat and gas supply, and production and mobility are increasingly converging. These complex requirements are countered by a multitude of system variants and operating options. With the help of mathematical optimization models, we develop energy-efficient and economical energy systems. We optimize the dimensioning and operation of energy supply plants and storage facilities in future markets.

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