Call for applications – UMSICHT Science Award 2019

Strengthening acceptance in society

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Technological progress, forward-looking concepts, optimized processes. In increasingly shorter cycles, society is confronted with new developments – that does not necessarily receive a wide acceptance in the population. Therefore, it is even more important to present new technologies comprehensibly. This is the only way to make recognizable the added value of the development. The UMSICHT Friends and Patrons Group honors people with the UMSICHT Science Award who support the dialog between science and society through their work. In 2019, the award is going to be presented for the tenth time in the categories science and journalism and is endowed with a total of 10,000 EUR. Applications will be accepted until April 7, 2019.

UMSICHT Science Award: Sculpture »Innovation« by Hans-Dieter Godolt.
© Fraunhofer UMSICHT
UMSICHT Science Award: Sculpture »Innovation« by Hans-Dieter Godolt.
Honored with the UMSICHT Science Award 2018: Christian Baars (li.) and Dr. Stefan Kippelt; board UMSICHT Friends and Patrons Group.
© Fraunhofer UMSICHT/Ilka Drnovsek
Honored with the UMSICHT Science Award 2018: Christian Baars (li.) and Dr. Stefan Kippelt; board UMSICHT Friends and Patrons Group.

The federal government is targeting to forward the energy turnaround, to stop climate change and to further strengthen the awareness for sustainability in economy, ecology and society. This is only possible on the basis of a broad acceptance of all parties involved – which again can only be achieved via a dialogue creating the confidence for that. The UMSICHT Science Award of the UMSICHT Friends and Patrons Group supports this dialogue in 2019 for the tenth time. The prize is awarded to people who did an excellent performance in providing scientific results to society on current topics in the fields of environmental, process and energy technology – the core topics of Fraunhofer UMSICHT. The endowed prize money is split up into an 8,000 EUR prize in the science category and a 2,000 EUR prize for journalistic works.

Category Science

For the evaluation of the work, the subject-specific level and the sustainable benefit for environment and society are particularly important. Special emphasis is placed on the degree of innovation as well as the market proximity and application orientation, and also an easily comprehensible and convincing presentation. In addition to dissertations, final reports, studies and white papers are also welcome.

Category Journalism

In the journalistic field, the form of media is open. Print, online, audio, video: anything goes. The vivid and comprehensible representation of a topic relevant to society and science as well as the originality of the author’s opinions are important evaluation criteria. Published individual and joint works will be evaluated. Mere concepts, photo works and books cannot be submitted for the UMSICHT Science Award.

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Admissible are any and all released works that deal with the topics of the environmental, process or energy technology. The works are not to be older than two years and may be submitted either in German or English. The application documents include: the released research work or publication, an abstract of the work (max. three DIN A4-sized pages), a single-page motivation letter with the title “This is the reason why I am engaged in research“, the application form, a curriculum vitae, and a declaration of consent. An online form is available for a clearly arranged data transfer.
In case of application with a joint work we ask to state that the applicant is the responsible person who did the main share.

The deadline for submission of applications is April 7, 2019. The date of the award ceremony is July 11, 2019.