Ein Blick auf die Postersession der Carbon2Chem® Konferenz

17. Oktober 2023 | Hybride Konferenz, Düsseldorf


Carbon2Chem® Community

Regulatory Framework: Renewable Fuels from SMG and Flue Gases


Subproject L-0

Operation Optimization of CCU-based Urea Production with Renewable Energy


Subproject L-0

Poisoning Effects in Methanol Synthesis – The Influence of Oxygen


Subproject L-I

CCU - A Touchstone for Climate Protecti on and Emissions Trading Law


Subproject L-II

In situ and ex situ Poisoning Studies with Thiophene and 1-Propanethiol using a Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 Methanol Synthesis Catalyst


Subproject L-III

Recovery of Carbon-containing Gas Components from Purge Gas Streams


Subproject L-III

Scale-Up of a Dielectric Barrier Discharge for Industrial Applications at Elevated Pressure


Subproject L-III

Up-Scale of Innovative Gas Purification Processes


Subproject L-III

Design and Scaling of a Plasma Reactor for Oxygen Removal in Coke Oven Gas


Subproject L-IV

Test System for Catalytic Investigation of synthetic and real sulfurous Process Gases


Subproject L-IV

Application of Prussian Blue Analogue-Derived Mn-Co Catalysts in the Hydrogenation of CO to Higher Alcohols


Subproject L-V

From Pollutant to Raw Material: Sustainable Polycarbonate from BOFG


Subproject L-V

Carbon2Polymers: CO Conversion to Polycarbonates


Subproject L-V

Ab initio Analysis of Ti-catalyzed Phosgenation


Subproject L-VIII

Methanol, the ”ICE Green Maker”

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Verbundprojekt Carbon2Chem®


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