Sustainability and Resources Management

A department in the field of products

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To ensure that planetary needs of today are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own; we have to reassess our way of life, our current production systems and our resource consumption. Our aim is to enable our customers to contribute to sustainable development through their actions and decisions.

We prepare customized sustainability strategies, help to close cycles and to assess the sustainability of products, processes, and services. We support you with sustainability driven innovation processes through active stakeholder engagement, and new formats of Citizen involvement. This way sustainable innovations can be realized.

Sustainability Assessment

In collaboration with environmental scientists, engineers and sustainability management professionals we carry out ecological and economic evaluations of products, services, and organizational footprints. We provide decision making support in sustainable product development. For this purpose we use life cycle assessment (LCA) and social impact assessment tools, feasibility studies, and strategic analysis tools.

Spatial Analysis and Raw Material Systems

Our topics are potential studies, efficient use of waste and resources and sustainable urban concepts. We investigate the spatial layout of urban, industrial, and natural areas. We plan the intelligent use of raw materials, develop new approaches, assess concepts, engage stakeholders and present potentials, interactions and material flows spatially with the help of geographic information systems.

Information material of the department Sustainability and Resources Management

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Sustainability Reporting

Transparent information for your stakeholders


Circular Systems

Understanding – Detecting – Optimizing – Managing


Intelligent Use of raw Materials

Analysis of the activities and performance of products in light of sustainable development. Support in the measurement, quantification and documentation of the contribution.


Planning with GIS

Explore biomass potentials with geoinformation systems (GIS)


Energy Potential Analyses

In the context of climate protection concepts energy potential analyses enable systematic and long-term actions within a municipality.